Your impression of the quality and value of our services is very important to us. We respectfully ask for your assistance in evaluating the services we provided, as this will enable us to provide the best possible care to others who turn to us in their time of need.

"Over the last few years, we lost both of my parents. As tough as it is to lose someone you love, trying to make the last minute decisions about their funerals wasn't something we were prepared for. Thankfully...David Gross and his family made this very difficult time of our lives a stress-free experience. Whatever our request, they found a way to accommodate us and keep us at ease. I would highly recommend choosing David Gross and his wonderful staff."


"My husband passed away while visiting his brother in the St Petersburg area.  I flew to Florida with not a clue as to what we needed or wanted to do, beyond burying my husband's ashes at Arlington National Cemetery.  My brother-in-law suggested I work with the David C. Gross Funeral Home.  I'm so thankful he did.  I initially met with David Gross but worked with his son Michael Gross after that.  We held a beautiful memorial service at the funeral home.  Relatives, our military family, and friends - a really diverse group - commented how peaceful it felt there.

Michael explained to me that the queue for Arlington was long, a couple/few months.  And, in fact, we ended up scheduling the interment nearly 6 months after my husband's death.  Over those month, Michael called to keep me updated on his progress with Arlington.  Arlington only does it one way - the military way.  Michael kept up with all of the requirements.  He crossed every 't' and dotted every 'i.'  And, very, very importantly, he took the time to comfort me in every phone call.  They really are very caring and wonderful people to work with.


"I have to say, the folks at the David C Gross funeral home were so accommodating and wonderful to my family. My aunt was my grandmother's caregiver before she passed away a few weeks ago. She had her in a hospital, rehab, nursing home, back to the hospital, a hospice, and finally we would be moving her one last time. It was a stressful period for her. Initially she went somewhere else nearby, but no one was around to review anything with her. 12 years ago, she (and grandma) had used David C Gross' services when my grandfather passed away. She decided to go back. 

They greeted her at the door and were very courteous and professional when she came to inquire. They took care of EVERYTHING and it meant a lot to my aunt because she had been dealing with so much. When we had the funeral precession to the cemetery, they even had a guy blocking traffic (as safety permitted!) so we could all get there together seamlessly. My father and uncle were impressed!

I think if grandma was watching us she would have appreciated the respectful and tasteful service the folks at David Gross helped us with. Both my grandparents are gone and I am grateful for them doing such a great job.


"...It's never easy to plan a funeral and David and his staff made this difficult process bearable.  They understood our needs and provided affordable options for my father's cremation.  I suggest advance planning with them so when that difficult time comes, everything has already been arranged.  These are wonderful people and I cannot recommend them more highly. "