Jeanette Osborn
Jeanette Osborn

Obituary of Jeanette Maxine Osborn

Jeanette Maxine White Osborn, born on August 30, 1938, passed away peacefully on Friday, November 20, 2020 in St. Petersburg, Florida. She is survived by 4 of her loving children, 6 grandchildren, two sisters and 2 brothers. She was laid to rest in a beautiful space in the Bay Pines Veterans National Cemetery.

The following was written and shared by Jeanette’s granddaughter, Regina Yacabell, at the burial service:

Our Matriarch -

I remember you calm and collected, your laugh and the tone of the song in your voice.

You taught me without teaching me. The silver dollars on my birthday reminded me you were ‘there’ and I was important to you because you remembered. The cards were lighthearted, but heavy with an imprint from the coin on the outside of the envelope that enclosed it. That was impressionable because we didn’t see each other much but you were there. You were my mystic elder who taped this round metal to a paper greeting card and sent it all the way from this magical place called Mars Drive in Golden Valley, AZ, a world away from wherever I was. Then there was that fudge! My favorite was your white chocolate!

I loved seeing you and it seemed your door was always open, but if it wasn’t, I’d knock on every window until you opened up. When I would stop by for a surprise visit after years of not seeing you, you were as calm a cucumber as if you expected me. I am your granddaughter. Knowing that made me stronger.

The woman my mom called Mom, who gave her brothers and sisters and family, the concept. No matter how far each of your children are from one another, you are the needle on the compass. We are healing.

I speak for all of us when I say you are loved and remembered dearly. I will remember your smooth mellow yet alluring grace, your thoughtful little rituals, that you loved all of your children, talked about all your children, and helped them all throughout their lives in the unique relationships you have with each of them. We are here together now and we thank you for that. Although this life had its struggles and hard decisions you were invincible, you are a survivor, a Mother, a nurturer. There are innumerable wonderful times Uncle David and my Mom Dina have been reminiscing and laughing about. We will be doing this often to keep your essence close. We pray that you transition well, and to a magnificent space of peace and love. If that’s another lifetime or with the stars, you made your impression here. We Love you, are grateful for you, and would not be here without you. Thank YouGrandmom. May you rest in paradise and be enveloped in the Love of our One Creator. Up Up and Away, in your Beautiful Balloon.

Love, Regina

The care of Mrs. Osborn and her family has been entrusted to David C. Gross Funeral Home in St. Petersburg.

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